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Opishttp://www.inyourpocket.com/ Slovenia In Your Pocket editor William Dunn discovers Ptuj (Pettau) one of Slovenia's oldest marketplaces on a very rainy day. The very helpful Ptuj Tourist Information Centre is also on Slovenski Trg. Beneath Slovenia's old town you'll find one the region's most impressive wine cellars. Along the two kilometres of damp photogenic tunnels are ornately decorated wood barrels, modern production facilities, more than a few rooms that could easily be sets in any number of horror films and one of the most impressive wine archives we've yet to see, stacked floor to vaulted ceiling with bottles dating back to almost 100 years and worth up to five figures at auction. Above all this are the newly renovated tasting rooms that would look like they've been lifted directly from some 19th century Austrian nobleman's castle, were it not for the rows of projectors above the bar and walls covered with international wine awards. Located in a courtyard in the eastern part of the old town, it's probably easiest to stop by the Ptuj Tourist Information Centre on Slovenski Trg and ask for walking directions. For more on Slovenia check out Slovenia In Your Pocket http://slovenia.inyourpocket.com

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